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As Little As $159/site*

Introducing Vintage Links

    $199/PBN SiteHosting as low as
    + $9.99/site/month hosting
    • 5 Site PBN
    • Free Registration
    • Free 1 Month Hosting
    • Full Site Build Included
    • Up to 2 Niches/Locales
    $179/PBN SiteHosting as low as
    + $8.99/site/month hosting
    • 10 Site PBN
    • Free Registration
    • Free 1 Month Hosting
    • Full Site Build Included
    • Up to 3 Niches/Locales
    $159/PBN SiteHosting as low as
    + $7.99/site/month hosting
    • 20 Site PBN
    • Free Registration
    • Free 1 Month Hosting
    • Full Site Build Included
    • Up to 5 Niches/Locales

If you don’t like it, give it back for a full refund.
We don’t sell anything we wouldn’t want for ourselves. Seriously, give it back!


  • Not your average PBN service. Like these guys, I am a firm believer in TTF. When everyone wakes up to realize how important this is, it will be too late. In the meantime, I am building my network, and banking hard.

    Markus F.
    Markus F.Affiliate
  • I've been building PBNs myself for 2 years with much success. It's a full time job and not one I care to continue to do. At this price point, I have no problem handing over the reigns.

    Geoff T.
    Geoff T.Agency Owner

Private Business Network (PBN)

Are you still building blogs? That’s cute. Unless you enjoy getting slapped around by furry, black and white animals, I suggest you reconsider.

What if you could buy real business websites, as they were, before they expired. A dental clinic website, for your dentist client…just as it was. What if I told you I could find one relevant to the city said client is in, WITH links from other dental websites. WITH impressive metrics, and a clean link profile.

We build the Holy Grail of PBNs, unmatched by anyone.

Safe & Reliable

  • Absolutely, zero footprints
  • Premium, popular hosting
  • Quality registrars
  • Every domain, manually vetted by SEOs
  • 100% Spam Free Guarantee
  • Around the clock, index/uptime checking



    Taking the time to dig deep, scouring 100s of thousands of domains for the right fit for you. Task us to find local or niche relevant domains.

  • Day 3: Qualify

    Here’s what just can’t be automated. Our SEO professionals will manually go through every qualitative and quantitative metric available to us, selecting only the best.

  • Day 5: Execute

    This is where the rubber really hits the road. Registration, hosting, archive downloading, site setup and more. We make every effort to bring the old website, as it was, back from the dead.

  • Day 10: Repair

    Few archives are complete, and so our developers will step in to fill in the gaps, and polish things up. We will also start inserting your links at this time.

  • Day 14: Quality

    Once final checks have been completed, it’s time to hand over the keys to one lucky owner.

Real Business Websites, Resurrected
Which Side of History Will You Be On?

Your Questions, Our Answers



What can I expect as far as your premium hosting package is concerned?
Firstly, like any hosting solution we provide, you will be setup on a well known, common host. Perfect examples include softlayer, rackspace, and digitalocean. Our aim is to blend in with the rest of the internet’s business websites … and they don’t host on $1 hosts.

You will be outfitted with a unique IP. You will be given Cpanel/Vesta/Plesk logins.

What can I expect as far as your semi-dedicated hosting package is concerned?
Firstly, like any hosting solution we provide, you will be setup on a well known, common host. Perfect examples include bluehost, dreamhost, and hostgator. Our aim is to blend in with the rest of the internet’s business websites.
You will share an IP up to 3 other domains, in different niches, and not sites that belong to you. The idea is to mimic what would naturally exist out in the wild.

Can I host myself?
Of course. Please keep a few things in mind though:

  • Typical OKAY domain bought at auction $50+
  • Registration $10-15
  • Hosting $10-15/mo/site
  • Registration/hosting setup labor $15
  • Total per cost: $85/site!

Save your money, and put our experts to work. We know what footprints to watch out for, so that your investments stays safe.

Do you use cloud hosting, or regular hosting?
We use both. We use over 20 different hosting solutions. We rotate through them to make sure that not only are your sites hosted with different companies, but different styles of hosting. Variety is the spice of life!

Can I have CPanel logins?
Absolutely. These are your sites. You own them. You can do whatever you want to them.



Can I register myself?
Absolutely. Though, you’d be expected to a) sign up for a registrar’s account, fund the account, register domains (taking care to enter archived Whois information if provided to you), and point DNS (possibly twice). It’s a good bit of work!

Save your money, and put our experts to work. We know what footprints to watch out for, so that your investments stays safe.

Do you use Whois privacy?
We only use whois privacy if the domain was previously registered with whois privacy. We suggest using the historical whois whenever it’s available. Sneaky : ) When we do use whois privacy, we still use spoofed registrar whois info… mistakes happen and we want ZERO footprints.

Can you purchase, and then push the domain into my account?
We can, but we consider it safer to never push domains … accidents happen even with registrars. We always recommend registering the domain(s) for you, and then passing off the logins.

What happens in year two? Who pays for hosting?
If you choose to host with us, and we recommend you do, you pay for hosting monthly. Further, when the domain requires registration, you will be invoiced for the cost of the domain ~$10.



What will my new sites look like?
Whatever they looked like before roughly. We are rebuilding the website that previously existed on the domain. We depend on what remains in the web archive, which means sometimes websites won’t be complete. They may be missing pages, images, javascript, etc. We do our very best to restore as it was, redirect any missing pages & remove any broken images/flash files.

What if I want some tweaks to the site afterwards?
We can do that. Our developers are at your disposal at an affordable, hourly rate for simple changes.

How many links will you place per domain?
We encourage you to place your own links when we hand over the logins, but will ask you if you’d like us to do it, let us know at the 7 days post purchase date. This is the same date we will share our research with you, and you will be given a couple days to pick out your domains.

Our preference is to post 1 link per site. We like to play it safe and smart. There will be no extra charge for this service.
We generally place your link where it feels natural. A recent example, we added the client’s URL under a sponsor section on the newly built website. It fit in perfectly.

Do you interlink these sites together?
Absolutely not. These sites are completely independent from each other. We’ve considered every footprint you can just about imagine. This would be a BIG FAT ONE.

Of course, the site is yours. You can do whatever you want with it.

Want your domains delivered over a larger time frame?
No sweat. Just let us know how many you’d like per week, or whatever frequency and we will do our best to accommodate. Dripping links over time creates link velocity for your money site. This isn’t a bad idea at all.

Are websites HTML, or WordPress? Do you mix up the CMS?
They are HTML. This is just what we are able to download from the web archive.

Do you make sure all the archive.org referrences are taken out?
Yes, and many other footprints found when doing this sort of thing. We know them all, and we are very careful about removing them, systematically.

Is content included?
We use the content that existed on the domain previous to it expiring. We may add some more content so as to make a natural place to add a link. You will be given the opportunity to decide how links are placed once the website has been resurrected.



What is the LocalPBN Guarantee?
Same day replies. You don’t hear from us in 24 hours, you get a site on us. Not happy with your site? Let us know within 5 days of delivery, and will replace it and if we can’t make you happy then, refund you. PBN site gets de indexed? We will replace it right away.

Can I buy exclusive rights to my niche or city?
Could you imagine if we let someone buy exclusive rights to legal? Let’s just say you would have to be spending some serious coin for us to offer that. But don’t let that stop you from making any offer.

Can I pay for rush delivery?
This is a big process. 1 week of research, 1 week setting up hosting, registration and more, and finally the building of the website. At this time we are not offering rush delivery. Once we have nailed down our processes perfectly, then we will review this again.

How long does delivery take?
Our current delivery timeline is 2 weeks.

What does the domain picking process look like?
After purchase we will spend 7 days researching domains. On day 7 you will be sent an excel spreadsheet with all our favorite picks. You will be given metrics and a screenshot of the website to be. You will fill out the spreadsheet, noting the domains you’d like, and if you’d like us to place the links, by providing the URLs and anchors. Once done, you will forward the spreadsheet back to us, and we will get to work.

What are your bulk discount prices?
If you order 10 or 20 sites at a time, you will receive 10% and 15% off of your order respectively.

Are there any niche restrictions?
No, it’s all fair game. We don’t judge. It should be noted though, as we get into the more…spam filled niches, we’d appreciate your understanding if you receive an email asking for a couple more days to research, etc.

Can I see some examples of your work?
Certainly, here are a few:


Metrics wise, what can I expect?
We have a bias towards topical tropical trust flow (relevance). If you favor a specific metric, instead of relevance, then please let us know at time of order.

Majestic’s Topical Trust Flow in your niche: >15
Majestic’s Trust Flow: ~10
Majestic’s Citation Flow: ~10
Moz’s Domain Authority: ~25
Ahref’s Domain Rank: ~30
Incoming Referring Domains: >5

Further, we will be reviewing the site’s archived pages, incoming links as well as some qualitative metrics.

Are the domains sourced from recent drops, or legacy?
It varies, but it would be fair to say they are more legacy than recent. Everyone seems to be focusing on recent drops, which has created incredible competition. We do what no one else wants to do, and find the diamonds in the very, very rough.

Did you spam check the domains? Did you check all Archive.org history making sure the site never hosted a legacy PBN, pills, porn, poker?
Absolutely – every record.

Do you offer a service to power up these domains?
Yes, ask us about it. We are only offering it privately at this time.

Does the DA drop after the first couple of months?
Not in our experience. We’ve been doing this a good while for our own clients, and monitor each of our domains stats very carefully, looking for any changes, good or bad. We have a dashboard that monitors such things.

How many niches can I have you research?
If you order 5, you may choose 2 niches. 10, 3 niches. And 20, as many as 4 niches. There is a lot of research that goes into picking your domains. Days of crawling and hours of digging and qualifying.

Powerful Ranking Solution


As Little As $159/site*